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Emerald Classic Button Ring
Emerald Classic Button Ring

Emerald Classic Button Ring

This deep green Emerald is a true classic. This beautiful gem packs so much color and shine that it speaks for itself. Wear it beautifully by itself or stack it with others of your favorite rings. This emerald is the highest shade of green sought after by connoisseurs of the gemstone. Its modern design allows for a slight movement of the center setting from the shank to allow for comfort and intrigue. This is the classic over 1 carat version of three available sizes. 

Hand forged in 18k yellow gold with a carefully hand-selected Gemfields emerald. Gemfields is a world leader in sustainable mining of emeralds. Please note that we are known for the high quality of our emeralds.  Natural inclusions in all emeralds are called the “jardín” or garden. The beautiful garden inside every emerald is an intrinsic quality unique to the gemstones. 

YG 18K Emerald: 1.10cts

Please see care instructions for these special pieces.

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