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Emerald Petite Chain Ring
Emerald Petite Chain Ring

Emerald Petite Chain Ring

The emerald is Cleopatra’s favorite gemstones. It’s easy to be seduced by such a gorgeous jewel. The vibrant radiance of this precious gem has captured women for centuries.  We’ve tirelessly selected only the best of the best emeralds for this mighty chain ring.

Our chain rings are a modern classic that no woman should be without. We call them mighty for a reason. They stand strong on your finger as you go through your everyday work, chores and more. Their strength matches that of your own. Wear them with confidence and they will be your steady companion. 

This Emerald chain ring is handmade in 14K yellow gold. It’s our best seller and truly one of our favorite pieces. The emeralds come from Gemfield’s, the world leader in sustainable gemstone mining. 

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