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Emerald & Sapphire Geometry Earrings

These dazzling Emerald & Sapphire earrings are modern, chic and graceful. Fine jewelry doesn't have to be stuffy. It will be the earrings that you’ll never want to take off. They seamlessly go from work to cocktail party.  

Yi hand-selected only the best of Gemfields emeralds as the grounding point for these earrings. The exquisite Cylon sapphires balance these earrings for a truly modern design. 

Hand forged in 18k yellow gold with carefully hand-selected gemstones. Gemfields is a world leader in sustainable mining of emeralds. Please note that we are known for the high quality of our emeralds.  Natural inclusions in all emeralds are called the “jardín” or garden. The beautiful garden inside every emerald is an intrinsic quality unique to the gemstones.