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Purple Sapphire & Diamond Engagement Ring

Purple Sapphire & Diamond Engagement Ring

The one of a kind color change sapphire plays beautifully with the light. At first glance it appears purple but once you star into this gorgeous gem you will see flashes of pink, magenta and red. Unearthed from the mystical lands of Sri Lanka, the source for the best sapphires on earth, this gemstone whispers magic of ancient lands. 

We’ve created this unique engagement ring to be as special and unique as your love. Sapphires are the stone of royalty and they attract abundance. This purple sapphire is known as the stone of awakening. As an engagement ring it will protect your love from negative energy and attract blessings. 

This unique color change sapphire is flanked by two perfectly hand-selected pear shaped diamonds. This modern heirloom will be chic today and for the rest of your beautiful journey in matrimony. 

Handmade lovingly in 18k yellow gold by our master goldsmith. Please email us for more details on this unique ring.