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Tourmaline and Aquamarine Candy Necklace

Tourmaline and Aquamarine Candy Necklace

This one of a kind piece with its carefully hand-selected gems will captivate you. Its seamingly low key appearance from afar actually gives you endless wonder when up close. Each gemstone is of the best quality and meticulously spaced out for an organic feel. Each of the tourmalines selected are the rarest of its species. An ample collection of rubellite, Indicolite and even canary yellow tourmaline are on display in this necklace. 

Very unique specialty cut aquamarines have been paired with these rare tourmaline.  These fun sparkling gems come together artistically in this very special piece.

A lobster claw allows for many ways to wear this necklace.  It can also be a show stopping bracelet. 

Handmade in 18k yellow gold with thoughtfully selected gemstones.