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Emerald Linked Chain Earring
Emerald Linked Chain Earring

Emerald Linked Chain Earring

Love emeralds? Meet our newest Emerald Linked Chain Earring. Two beautiful emerald are tied together with our signature diamond cut chain. We love the asymmetric design of this earring, which exudes a modern and whimsical aesthetic. Its perfect for an ear stack. 

We put a special emphasis on our emeralds as they’re our specialty. These gorgeous earrings are made from Gemfields emeralds, which have been sustainably mined. We take great pride in the quality of our hand-selected gems. 

Please note the natural inclusions in an emerald are an intrinsic quality of this gemstone. The inclusions even have a special name called the “jardín” or garden. These gardens should not be seen as a fault in the gemstone but rather a unique beauty. 

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